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​NOT PREVIOUS PRISON BREAK! New as of August 2020! 

You are all inmates at the local corrections facility. Some of you are on death row and the guards are coming to get you out of solitary confinement to... finish the job in one hour. The rest of you were in a meeting with the warden in his office trying to convince him your buddies were innocent when he got an emergency phone call and left. You better use this time to get your fellow inmates out of solitary confinement and the wardens office to save their lives or you all might lose your own trying.

3-8 people



A local girl that you have known since kindergarten has gone missing. Hopeful for a safe return, the town has started a search party which you are now a part of. While out searching with your friend you come across what you believe is a women's shoe. As you move closer to it you sense something isn't quite right. But, before you can even turn around you have been struck in the back of the head. Waking up you realize that you have been kidnapped and are now trapped. Can you make it out before your kidnapper returns? Or will your fate be similar to that of your friend?2-3 people

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The Wet Bandits escape jail once again. Their target: The McCalisters of course!
In this heist style game, you are trying to make it out of the McCalisters home with as much loot and the quickest time possible. Do you have what it takes to beat Kevin's traps?



Houdini is gone now and as his apprentice, it’s your job to fill his shoes and help his legacy live on! There’s just one problem, he left all his secrets hidden in his dressing room. Do you have what it takes to learn his tricks and make magic happen?