​NOT PREVIOUS PRISON BREAK! New as of August 2020! 

You are all inmates at the local corrections facility. Some of you are on death row and the guards are coming to get you out of solitary confinement to... finish the job in one hour. The rest of you were in a meeting with the warden in his office trying to convince him your buddies were innocent when he got an emergency phone call and left. You better use this time to get your fellow inmates out of solitary confinement and the wardens office to save their lives or you all might lose your own trying.


Last week one of the worst psychopaths broke out of prison, the Jokester. You have been trying to capture him with very little success. He seemed to always be one step ahead of you. By luck, you got an anonymous tip that the Jokester was going to blow up the city and could be found at an abandoned warehouse. You pulled up to the warehouse broke down the door and then… nothing. You wake up zip tied in the warehouse.


You were helping the Brother's Grimm gather strange accounts and stories for their collection. While walking through the woods to verify some rumors of an enchanted tree, you are kidnapped by a witch. She traps you in her cottage. Her plans? To skin, roast and devour you. But first she needs to collect enough herbs and spices to stuff you all with. She grumbles, as she walks out the door that it would take an entire hour to collect herbs. If you can escape the witch's hut and all of her enchantments, you will have quite the story to tell the Brother's Grimm. If you can't, your tongues may tell a different tale from the view of a dinner plate.


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